Apr 18, 2008

What ppl eat at Brasil in a Friday night?!

Ok... Here is what I had this evening (yes... husband´s out, working.): salad, baked maxi nugget, tomato salad and pineapple juice (the real fruit!!! Yaaaay!). All I did was select the veggies and peel and cut in small cubes. They all jumped in a pot with boiling water and a bit of salt.When tender, I let them all get colder.Peeled an apple and cut in small cubes too.The apple jumped into the bowl and so the veggies.
I mixed half can of corn, 1/3 of milk cream small box, and a bit of maionayse. That particular one is olives flavoured.Mixed it all.In the oven the maxi nugget was being baked.

Here is the final look.I added a few tomato slices and a few drops of olive oil.Ta dah!
Pineapples are quite cheap here. Now it´s not the season so their prices are a bit higher. Usualy We can get one for just R$0.5 . The one I used here was double that price, but it´s still quite cheap.Pineapples like the sun and sun is something we have a lot here, so...
Anybody wants to join me?!


Simone said...

That looks very nice Janaina! I'd love to come over to eat some pineapples ;)

Janaina said...

You are always welcome at home, Simone!:o)
December is the time they are sweeter and juicer.

Nana's Quilts said...

That seems quite different from our meals, but sounds interesting. It is nice to have vegetables and fruit together. With olive flavored mayonnaise? Wow! Thanks for telling us what you had.

Carol said...

YUMMY!! I would like to try that!