Apr 10, 2008

I got mail from The Netherlands!!!!!!!:o)

Here is the magic book I got from Simone!
Isnt it adorable?! It´s the vey 1st time I see a piece like that!It has a lovely "J" on it and the fabric is FABULOUS!So soft!Jacq you did a great work on this!Congrats! It took me awhile to understand what is a magic book. Thank God she told me what to do on the little letter she inclued me. I was stunned with the fact it can open both sides!

See? You can open if from left and from right sides!I was like "wow!" and "how tricky !"

Thank you Simone, from the bottom of my heart!

You are just the sweetest one!

Just wanted you to know that all hugs inside that envelope arrived. Every single one! And they all are safe, held in my heart!

Many many many hugs to you too!


Joke said...

Beautiful gift and I can imagine you are thrilled :)

WendyJo said...

A lovely gift!!!