Oct 5, 2010

Wonderful gift from Caroline

Hello all, me again!   Caroline sent me a small book with wonderful illustrations about Holland.   I had such fun looking at it all -  my younger brother and his family spent a year in Appeldorn when he worked for Philips so I could see some of the sights he had described to me.   What an interesting way to introduce your country Caroline.   Thank you so very very much.

And so you can all see what I mean here is a collage of some of the pages - I didn't include the wonderful story that went with it.   You will need to get your own book for that!

Oct 3, 2010

Spring Flowers fron New Zealand

Hello everyone - it's Spring here and today is a beautiful clear, warm day so I went around my garden taking photos of the flowers to show you.   I know it is Autumn for most of you so thought you might appreciate some added warmth!!

Hope you are all well and busy stitching, quilting and generally enjoying life.