Jun 25, 2008

Wow!! I received a gift from Carol

Carol, thank you! This afternoon the mailman brought me a package and I asked my daughter to take some pictures, while I unpacked the gifts Carol sent me.

I like the combination of the scissors and the fob she sent me. Carol did a wonderful job on this, the colors are beautiful, just my taste, as you can see it perfectly combines with the couch on which I do my stitchings LOL
The fob was packed in a sweet little bag of a lightblue gauze, and she sent me two bags of tea with it. The details she gave me: it's a design of The Prairie Schooler, Garden Alphabet, "J", stitched on Silkweaver 32 ct Belfast Linen with DMC floss. Attached a sweet little sun embellishment.

The front
and backside:

For now I am going to make myself a cup of tea, vanilla (my favorite taste, by the way) and sit in my own garden to do some stitches. And I am going to decide what I will do for a return gift.

Jun 23, 2008

Fat Quarter

I'm not sure this is how Janaina thought this game should go, but I would be very happy if someone would like this fabric.

Medium blue background with images of tents, fish pole, canoe, cabin.

Very light green baqckground with pink and purple flowers and fairies, green leaves

I also know that we are very spoiled in the U.S. with lots of fabrics to choose from, so speaking for myself, if you are wanting something specific (color or pattern) please feel free to email me and ask if I have some extra.


Many thanks Edda

When I returned home today from our camping week-end, there was a return parcel from Edda. And what lovely things she has sent me. My FIRST biscornu - I've really been hoping for one and now I can say that I do. I'm not sure my photo does it justice - it is a lovely rose shade with stitching of plum and teal and light orange. I'm thinking this is a varigated thread and really very pretty. Some red ribbon with white hearts as well as a very nice narrow black satin ribbon, a cute little creature with cat-like ears but a nose like a pig - so I'm not sure AND two nice pieces of fabric: gold with blue swirls and a black with gold flowers, green leaves and bumble bees. Aren't I lucky? Thank you Edda, your return package is very nice and I really love the biscornu. Marne

Jun 19, 2008

((( FQ tag game )))

What about refreshing a bit your fabric stash? What about combine that to he great feeling of getting a nice small envelope at your home with some unexpected surprise? You like the idea? Then, my friend, you are at the right place!
I was reading a few blogs and foruns and completely stolen this idea... It´s named FQ tag game. Some one mentions a FQ they have and someone tags it and lists a FQ...Once you sign up, under the previous person on the list, you must get in touch with her and e-mail her your full name and home address.
Lets try to make it simple and light. No extras involved, no nothing. Just the FQ and at least a short letter, postcard or a few words on a note to say "hi!" to you lucky friend.
You can always sign up again, in order that you will receive as many FQ´s as you sent.
I am going to start the game, who is next?! =D
note: One FQ = 18 x 22 inches (45 x 55 cm) square.

Jun 12, 2008

Return Exchange for Simone

Simone received my return exchange several days ago. I stitched her this little fob using the Goldfinch chart in the Prairie Birds leaflet by Prairie Schooler. I stitched it one-over-one for her and included a chart from her wish list.

Thanks again for choosing me Simone - I had fun stitching for you too!

A package arrived from the Netherlands

The mail service has been busy with parcels going here and there. I received a lovely return exchange from Jacqueline today. Jacqueline knows me well. I received a wonderful needle book, with Dear Jane patches on the front and back. I know that she hand quilts these. And she sent along a wonderful Dutch cookbook. Jacqueline knows how much I love the Netherlands and that I am often trying to translate recipes. This one is in English. Hurrah! So if Caro really doesn't like American food while she is here, I can make her some Dutch dishes. :-)

Thank you dear Jacqueline.

Jun 10, 2008

Package arrived from Belgium...wonder who from???

Katrien! I got the a wonderful package in the mail last night. Katrien sent me a needlecase that she made and also sent 2 skeins of DMC in shades of red and some needles for my new needlecase. Katrien I just love the package...the needlecase is so "me" the colors are perfect and a neeedlecase is something I don't have so I can't wait to use it.

Today is stitch group day so I will be taking it to show the group my package. They really enjoy seeing all my exchanges.

Thanks so much.

here are a couple of pics. I also posted them on my blog.

Jun 5, 2008

Crazy Exchange from Edda

Here are pictures from my very first crazy exchange on the board. Here is Edda's first pinkeep and she did a great job.

Jun 3, 2008

Returnexchange from Janaina

It was a good mail day again ;) Today my return exchange from Janaina for the Crazy exchange came.

Janaina made me this beautiful Biscornu! She already knew I like it, because she tested me ;) She already showed pics of it in her blog! Of course the other goodies were a surprise, and I love them all. Thanks Janaina!!! And get well soon!

Thank you Iris!

Iris and her father combined crafty forces to make me this wonderful hornbook - her dad made the hornbook, and Iris stitched the design and finished it. I'm speechless, it's so beautiful! I will definitely treasure this, my first ever hornbook. Thank you so much Iris!! Isn't she so talented - I think she made the card too :)



Jun 2, 2008

Eden in B/W



Birdhouses in B/W

Here are some of my birdhouses in the backyard:

(I think a chickenrun is also a large birdhouse ;) )

Jun 1, 2008

Black and White challenge

These are pictures of our star bingo and on my blog you can see some pictures

of my garden and animals.