Nov 29, 2008

Max has come to Marne's house

Isn't he sooooooo cute! I just love him. He arrived today - a return exchange from Simone. I have loved the sheep she has made, so now I have one too. Max! Notice his wonderful tail with a heart button and his "feet". It is just very clever and I am delighted. Simone also sent a kit for a little "Welcome" hanger as well as some cute Debbie Mumm fabric with the 12 days of Christmas. (which is coming soon) Fabulous - thank you very much.

Nov 26, 2008

A Crazy Exchange with Taija

I sent Taija a Crazy exchange with a Christmas flavour and you can see it all on her Finnish blog here. She told me that she liked everything. I made a small cross stitch as a top for a box I had. I put felt on the top of the brown box to make it more Christmas looking. The box has a small drawer so I could fill it with surprises! I forgot to take a photo so this is from Taija's blog. I am happy that you liked the exchange Taija. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

Christmas Ornament for Lisa

Lisa let me know she received the Christmas Ornament I stitched for her. It is a Prairie Schoolers Design, of Book 142, A Cranberry Christmas. I stitched it with DMC 3815 and Belle Soie, Rose of Sharon.
I used a nice backing fabric, but I forgot to take pictures (this one is made by Lisa for me).

Christmas ornament for Sisokee

I heard from Sisokee, that she received my Christmas ornament:

Design: Heartfelt Harvey - Imaginating, JCS Christmas Ornaments 2008
Fabric: 28 ct white Jobelan
Floss: Overdyed Red by Victorian Motto Shoppe
Finish: ornament

Hugs, Simone

Nov 24, 2008

Christmas Ornament Exchange from Caroline

Hello ladies.

I want to show you the beautiful Christmas Ornament exchange that I received from Caroline. But first I would like to say thank you ever so much dear Caroline for this lovely exchange. I love the Christmas tree that you quilted for me and also the 3 stars to accompany the tree. I am really looking forward to put it up in my house for decoration. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do the ornaments any justice, it looks so wonderful in person. I do not have enough words to thank Caroline for this enough. Anyway, here is a picture for you all to see. THANK YOU CAROLINE - big hugs from Iceland.

Ornament from Caroline

Nov 21, 2008

Thanks Carol

I got tthis lovely X-mas Ornament from Carol (USA). Thank you very much.
I don't get the picture in the right way ; ).

Nov 19, 2008

Christmas Exchange from Lisa

Yesterday I received my Christmas Ornament Exchange from Lisa V in Western Australia. Lisa, thank you so much it is beautiful . I love it and will make sure that when I put up my tree it is in a place where all can see it and admire your beautiful handwork.

Nov 15, 2008

Return Exchange from Tess

I received this pretty pansies pillow from Tess today - a return exchange. Isn't it pretty? So much detail in the stitching! Thank you Tess!


Nov 14, 2008

Ornament Exchange from Bianca

I received this lovely ornament from Bianca today - isn't it stunning?! Thank you so much Bianca!

I am so anxious to hear from my partner... she should have received my ornament days ago... no word has me so very worried!

Nov 13, 2008

My Christmas ornament from Teresa in Australia

Here is the Christmas ornament and handmade card I received yesterday from Teresa. I absolutely love the ornament and the card is a decoration all its own!

Thanks very much Teresa!!

Wendy Jo

Very Pretty Quilt from Marne

I am so lucky! I just received such a pretty exchange from Marne today - she made me a beautiful quilt table runner, similar to the one I was oogling that she sent to Simone! What a surprise, and what a treat! It already adorns my dining room table, and looks fantastic there. Marne's work is so lovely.

...and other little treats from Marne, too. Thank you so much Marne. I will start to think of what to make for you ;-)

Nov 6, 2008

Crazy exchange for Taija

Until now I didn't see pictures of the Crazy Exchange I sent off to Taija. She let me know she received, so I think it's okay to put some pictures here :-) I think she is blogless, couldn't find a blog. I didn't take a picture of the goodies I sent along.
The design is A Sampler Garden, by Elegant Designs, used DMC. And here's the back.