Apr 11, 2008

Photos from a walk on Thursday afternoon

Seattle is a very hilly town, so you will see ups and downs as I went for a little walk this afternoon. Everyone's yard is beautiful with spring flowers and plants.

Out my front door.

School buses bring the children to the park.

See the snow still on the mountains?


Janaina said...

Oh my God, Marne! You live in such a beautiful place! Look at all those trees! Must smell so nice!
Thank you for the tour!
With so many hills to walk up and down, you must have TERRIFIC legs!:o)
Lots of hugs!

Florence said...

It's "funny", the vegetation in Seattle is exactly like the vegetation here in Annecy, the same trees are in flowers and the same flowers are in the garden (narcissus)... So we have got too snow on the mountains ! but no buildings !
I like to watch the 'serie' Grey's Anatomy , that takes place in Seattle , no ?

Joke said...

Spring in Seattle looks almost like spring in the Netherlands :) Only we don't have hills :-( I envie you for the place you live in, beautiful, like Janaina says.

Caroline said...

Lovely, can't wait to see it myself. groetjes Caroline