Mar 29, 2008

Returngift received

Today the postwoman brought my returngift from Simone. The little fairy on top of it reminds her of the wool felt dolls I make she wrote to me. I lov, love, love it very much! Thanks Simone for this wonderful little tin of happiness :-)

Love, Marlies

PS. I love the red ribbon and the cat-stationairy you wrote the note on too!

Mar 22, 2008

Return Exchange from Sandie

Yesterday I received this most gorgeous pinkeep from Sandie! She sent this in return for the exchange I sent her a few weeks ago... this is stunning! Sandie says it is her first pinkeep ever, but tht is hard to believe - it is absolutely perfect and I just adore it!! Thank you Sandie!

Mar 21, 2008

Birthday exchange from Carol

Look what Carol send me for my birthday. Isn't it lovely. I like the pincushion with the crossstitches very much. I'm not good at crossstitching myself. Thanks also for the fabrics and all the other little gifts. That was a real surprise.

Welkom, Welcome, Bienvenue, Wilkommen

Welcome on the blog from the members of the Crazy Exchange Group. In this blog the members can put photos and messages about the exchanges they have received. Of couse we want to see a lot of pictures. In the reactions everybody can tell you that they like the exchange-gift. So please don't write a new message to give your opinion, but use the reactions. Good luck.

Welkom op de blog van de leden van de Crayze Exchange Groep. In de blog kun je berichten en foto's plaatsen van exchanges die je hebt ontvangen. Wij willen natuurlijk vooral graag foto's zien. Willen jullie je reacties in het reactie-veld onderaan het bericht plaatsen en niet een nieuw bericht maken. Veel succes.

Bienvenue sur le blog les members de Craze Exchange Group. En le blog on peut inserer des informations/ messages/ photos des cadeaux vous avez recu. Chez les reactions vous pouvez ecrire votre opinion. Pas ecrire une message nouvelle, mais emploi les reactions. Bonne chance.

Wilkommen. Hier gibt es den Blog von der Crazy Exchange Group. Die Teilnehmers konnen hier
berichten aufstellen wann Sie ein Geschenk empfangen hatten. Naturlich wollen wir gern Photos anschauen. Und naturlich hören ob Sie dass Geschenk schön finden. Dafor konnen Sie die Reactions unter am Nachtricht benutzen. Bitte nicht ein Neues Bericht schreiben. Viel Gluck.

Bye bye from Jacqueline

Amities de Jacqueline

Groetjes van Jacqueline

Grussen von Jacqueline

Mar 19, 2008

'Thanks for the invite,

I'm in :) Nice idea to meet each other here.