Dec 26, 2010

Christmas Exchanging

Aren't these so cute.  Margaret in New Zealand was my partner for the exchange.  These are red crochet, which has been stiffened so that they stand up.  So cute.  She sent along a bag of Christmas candies (which are difficult to see in the right hand corner of this picture)  And then she also sent me

[As you can see, I'm having great difficulty with photos and Google tonight.]  So you will have to turn the screen a bit sideways to see N O E L on my little tree.  But my photographic skills are not a reflection of Margaret's wonderful work.  Thanks, Margaret, I love them.

Dec 25, 2010


This lovely little bag I received from Caroline with a notebook,so I can't forget the importent things in live.I become older,not wiser.Thanks a lot,Caroline.
Ladies,a Happy Christmas and a Stitchy New Year.

Dec 12, 2010

X-mas Exchange

Look what Marne sent me for the X-mas exchange. And yes, she allowed me to open the present before X-mas so I can use this lovely tablerunner on my table, and that's where it is now. And look how special it is. Handquilting by Marne ; ).

Thanks Marne I love your X-mas present.

Dec 11, 2010

The post man has brought me a package from Simone

Sorry no photographs (my Christmas tree is not up yet) but the package has arrived safely,
Many thanks Simone.
Merry Christmas to all of you.

Dec 9, 2010

Christmas exchange

What a lovely surprise today from the post lady,

Thank you, Margaret.  I have the parcel under my tree.  Very exciting.  Just over 2 weeks away.  Ho Ho Ho.

Dec 8, 2010

From Jacqueline

I always forgot to post a picture, but I got a wonderful birthdaypresent fom Jacqueline....

Dec 6, 2010

We are not very busy with postings

I just looked at how long it has been since we posted here.  So to get you all in the spirit of the holidays, here is our little tree.  It is an artificial tree, as we go to my daughter's for the actual holiday, but it nice to have this little one at home,
Happy Holidays to you all.

Nov 5, 2010

Edda's birthday gift arrived in Iceland.

Here is a picture of the birthday gift I send to Edda, she had her birthday in october.

Oct 5, 2010

Wonderful gift from Caroline

Hello all, me again!   Caroline sent me a small book with wonderful illustrations about Holland.   I had such fun looking at it all -  my younger brother and his family spent a year in Appeldorn when he worked for Philips so I could see some of the sights he had described to me.   What an interesting way to introduce your country Caroline.   Thank you so very very much.

And so you can all see what I mean here is a collage of some of the pages - I didn't include the wonderful story that went with it.   You will need to get your own book for that!

Oct 3, 2010

Spring Flowers fron New Zealand

Hello everyone - it's Spring here and today is a beautiful clear, warm day so I went around my garden taking photos of the flowers to show you.   I know it is Autumn for most of you so thought you might appreciate some added warmth!!

Hope you are all well and busy stitching, quilting and generally enjoying life.

Sep 13, 2010


This wonderful present I received from Edda.She spoiled me!Thanks a lot.


Jul 27, 2010

What are you doing this summer?

Well I was working on some antique quilts by handquilting them. But last sunday I followed a masterclass from Kaffe Fassett, that really was fantastic. Caro's blog. So my summerproject turned into a wild brightfull modern quilt. I use the wall in our diningroom temporarily to make the design.

Jul 25, 2010

Caroline asked what I have been stitching

Good afternoon all of you -  it is cold in Auckland, New Zealand and I have been busy stitching.
This small bag was made as a gift and will be mailed tomorrow so before sending it I took a photo.
Lined with a bright red Japanese silk that shows well through the holes of the Ukranian Whitework stitching, I am pleased with this and inspired now to try other objects in this type of stitching.

Jul 20, 2010

Christmas in July for Anita

Thanks for letting me know this arrived safely Pascale.   Here is the ornament I sent to Anita - I didn't take a picture of the other goodies I included.   You can click the picture to see it in bigger size I hope.
Christmas in July is fun isn't it?

Jul 18, 2010


Yesterday I received this wonderful heart made by Pascale.And look at the other stuff,didn't she spoiled me?Thanks a lot and a White Xmas to you all(LOL).This summer is to hot,I'm looking out to the Winter.


Jul 2, 2010

New Zealand, winter time ........

........... here in the Netherlands we've got a very warm day, about 33 Celsius. So I worked in the morning, and then came home around 13.00 p.m. and found a lovely package in my mailbox. I really was a suprise I didn't expect anything. But it travelled from down under all the way to The Hague. Thank you Margaret, I really love it what you made, you do such beautiful work, lovely colours, and I'm very fond of chocolate, and I love little silver jewelry. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH. Oke here some details, I don't know much about embroidery. The needle case is Wessex Stitchery, wich was revived from Britain by New-Zeland embroiderer. For the colours she choose the colours of the NZ Pua Shell, a shell fish. That makes it very special.

Jun 28, 2010

Random Surprise

Hello to all you lovely ladies.   I randomly drew a name from the Database and made a surprise stitched item and sent that by mail today.   Who will be the lucky recipient I wonder?   Watch your mail box - the Postman should come to see you in 4 to 10 days.

Christmas in July

It is almost July and as my package has a loooooong way to travel it was taken to the Post Office today.

Jun 27, 2010

Antique and Brocante in Deventer

Just to let you know, when you're hanging around in the Netherlands, this really something worthwile.

Saturday: 10, 24 and 31 july, 14 and 28 august, 11 september. My favorite street is de Walstraat, where you also have a lovely quiltshop "100 Rozen/Roses". Have fun, maybe we see each other, looking for little bargains.

bye bye Caro

Jun 15, 2010


Marne stitched and patched this wunderful mini-quilt,it's marvellous.She also mailed me in Dutch,homage to this American women!Thanks a lot,mijn hartelijke dank.


Return exchange from Vania

Vania sent me this pinkeep stitched in the colours of the Italian Flag - now isn't that a wonderful way to keep the exchange international! In her letter she told me she had dyed the fabric herself. How very clever. I am looking forward to using the hank of red thread - perhaps for some Japanese Kogin Darning???

Many many thanks Vania

Now I am working on my Christmas in July Exchange - what do you think that will be? Watch this space.

Jun 12, 2010


My lovely friendship exchange from Ina arrived today. So very sweet!

This really is wonderful. Thank you Ina - it is beautiful.

Jun 5, 2010

Friendship begins with kindness.......

....a and a good cup of tea : ).

As I already told you, look what a lovely friendship Exchange Joke sent to me. I love boxes, and especially this one, it so beautiful, I think it's perfect for my Sashiko project. THANKS JOKE. I really love it.

May 19, 2010

Friendship exchange

Caroline made me this wonderful embroidered little bag. It says : the road fo a friends house is never too long I think she colored the fabric with tea or something, to get that old look, is that right Caroline?
She also stitched me a lovely needlebook and added a (handmade?) notebook. I'm very pleased with the exchange, thanks Caroline!

May 18, 2010

Thanks to our favorite Kiwi

Thanks Margaret for your marvelous exchange which my postal lady brought today. Just lovely as well as considerate items -

An exquisite lavender colored tassel. The workmanship is so very fine and beautifully done.

Two fabrics with Maori inspired designs. [Did you know I adore brown?]

And also a New Zealand spoon (I love using these for little jam dishes with scones), some fine embroidery scissors, some New Zealand chocolate and a Christmas ornament pattern.

It's really too bad that some folks don't feel inspired to keep participating in the Crazy Exchange. I think it is such fun. I hope that everyone keeps signing up for the special exchanges, at least.

Thanks Margaret. I love everything!

May 16, 2010

Thank you Margharet!

Thank you soooo much for the marvellous needlecase and the funny kiwi coaters! Here it is a picture of all the things that Margaret sent me.

Thank you again from Italy!

May 15, 2010

All the Way to Italy

This needlebook was a surprise exchange to Vania in Florence, Italy. I sent with it two NZ Kiwi coasters but somehow forgot to take a snapshot of those. Hopefully Vania will put up a photo. It is exciting to have such "international contact" - many thanks to all you wonderful ladies.

The needlebook is one I did in a class with an embroidery teacher in 2001 and it was great to stitch another. In linen with DMC perle thread it combines many different types of stitches and has two flannel pads for needles inside. Here's shots of front and back.


Apr 25, 2010

Birthday present from Iceland

Today I found my birthday present in the mailbox from Edda. Something went wrong with the adress, so she had to post it again. I thought it would take a while because of the ash cloud, but it already arrived on my door mat. Isn't it lovely, I like the scarf (I'm always cold), so I like to wrap something around me when I'm sitting on my sofa, and I love the colours, blue, green brown are my favorites. And she also put 4 pieces of fabrics as well inside. I consider myself as a very lucky girl. THANK YOU VERY MUCH EDDA!!!!!!

To put on your agenda ......

......... when you're in the Netherlands in Mai. (Spareroom avaible in my house!!!)
In the Castle Cannenburg in Vaassen is an exposition about "Merklappen en Antiek Textiel" (Needlework samplers and antique textile) from thursday 13 until sunday 16 Mai (10.00 a.m till 17.00 p.m).
A week later you can go to Hennie Oosterbaans housewarmingparty. On friday, saturday and sunday (19, 20,21 Mai, 10.00 a.m. until 17.00 p.m) her little shop is open, and there will be an little quilt exposition as well. (Location: Koudhoornseweg 31, Garderen).
With kind regards, Caroline