May 22, 2009

Birthday present from Taija

Today the birthday present Taija sent me, arrived. Her package was so carefully and thoughtful wrapped, I have to show you! She made me (what a skilled lady!) a selfmade notebook, and wrote she made it from begin to the end, all by herself.
She added some nice goodies, a piece of lovely fabric, two flossrings and pins. It was such a nice feeling, getting a birthday present after your birthday, it's like an extended birthday. Taija, thank you so much!

May 21, 2009

I haven't fallen into a hole

Life has been full, but wanted to assure you that I'm still busy and doing "stuff". Here's a photo to prove it:

In fact, this little item went into the mail on Monday. So in perhaps a few more days it should arrive. For the up-coming Memorial Day week-end (American holiday remembering those who served in the military) our RV group is going away for the week-end. I'm sure there will be photos to follow. Hugs, Marne

May 17, 2009

Birthday exchange from simone

Simone sent me the lovely package shown above. She made me a pincushion and used a pattern of Blackbird Designs. She changes the colours to my favorites (blue) and finished it lovely with the perfect backing and beautiful pins, which she placed in small groups. Also she has been going through my wishlist and sent me some lightblue fabric (great!!), Madeira floss, pins, a cute little pair of scissors (embellishment), a pair of socks with Stitching Girl on it (I never saw these before!), some ribbon, and last but not least a large piece of Chinese fabric. She knows about my China-madness and told me she had it for some time now, but thought it would be perfect for me. And how right can she be?!
To show you how beautiful the pincushion is, I need a seperate picture, and I also took one of the Chinese fabric. It is such a large piece I can use it to make a pillow, I guess, so next weeks I am going to search through my Chinese related charts :)

May 14, 2009

exchange from Edda

This is what I recieved, a beautiful needlemap ,pins in it,ribbon and needles.

Thank you so much Edda.

May 5, 2009

Birthday exchange from Joke

So yesterday, I could finally open up my presents! Here's my exchange from Joke for the Crazy exchange group:

She must have known my favourite colours are Autumn colors! I've got some quiltfabrics, a package with felt and threads and this gorgeous set of floss tag and needlebook:

Isn't that pretty? Thank you so much Joke!

Hugs, Simone