Aug 29, 2008

Exchange from Margaret to Wendy Jo

I receive a box in the mail last night and in that box was a lovely chook stitched and put together by Margaret!

Here is a pic. I was and still am in awe. Beautiful stitching and finishing...I just love it!!! I have ALOT more pics on my blog.

Thanks again Margaret.

Wendy Jo

Aug 27, 2008

Birthdayexchange for Ina

This is the present I sent to Ina. The pinkeep is a design called "Eliza's pyn pillow" and I used six strand sweets floss to stitch it.

Aug 23, 2008

Crazy Exchange from Suzanne

As I did not even knew I was picked for an exchange, so it came as a total surprise, and what a nice one!
Look what I got!

Suzanne just spoilt me! So I now have a hard month to find out something at least nearly this cool!

Return Exchange from Stephanie

Wow, she not only made my day, she made my whole weekend! I only have superlatives to tell you how lovely, beautiful, generous, perfect the return gift from Stephanie is. In order not overloading this blog I just put a picture here. She stitched me a doorknob with a design of Bent Creek, Hospitality Knocker. Come and see my blog for the whole content of the package. Thank you Stephanie, I love every piece of it.

Aug 22, 2008

my birthday gift from Bianca

Bianca made me a wonderfull birthday gift. Thank you so much. I love it all.

matchbox for Jacqueline

A Tilda house for Jacqueline.

Aug 19, 2008

Gift from Carol

Dear Carol has been really busy lately, I received one of her great gifts in the mail today. She stitched me a Halloween Floss Tag which I just adore. It's from a Lavender Wings design called Spooky Time. Several goodies were included and the tea will go with me to work.
Here's a picture of the goodies and the floss tag.

Thanks so much Carol, I loved the surprise and it couldn't have come on a better day. I will be working on your return gift asap.

Return exchange from Jen

I was spoiled today, as there was also a return exchange from Jen. She made me a beautiful little bag, decorated with my favorite colors, autumn colors. She stitched two beautiful leaves on it, and I just love it! But she stitched me more! She must have read I am a librarian, because she made me two (!) bookkeepers. One with my name, so I can even take it with me to school LOL and one, again with one of my favorite subjects, autumn. Thank you Jen, you made me a happy reader!

Mattchbox received from Iris

Today, when I came home from work, there was a surprise: a got a matchbox from Iris! She made me a lovely decorated box, and in it were goodies, oh my, soooo nice! And she stitched me a floss tag, it's the one she showed us before, from Helga Mandl. I just love it, thank you Iris. You really noticed one my favorites, butterflies :-)

In the box were iny tiny halloween things, embellishments for stitching, little hearts and laughing moons, Kreinik floss, Mill Hill beads, small mittens and gingerbread men. Did I forget something? Well look at the pictures and you know enough!

Aug 18, 2008

Matchbox from Ina

from Ina for Anita

She loved it all.

matchbox from Caro

thank you Caro for the nice gifts.

Aug 15, 2008

Matchbox from Suzanne

Isn't this matchbox lovely. groetjes Caroline

Aug 13, 2008

Ha! The mistery is solved!

Ok, so I was all worried with Ina´s last message "I've just mailed out two matchboxes, one legal and one illegal. " at the board. I kinda freaked out a little (just a little) bit, and started praying "Dear Lord, please don't tell me she is going to mail any kinda drugs or pedophile stuff! Please God!" :P
Of course Ina is a very very naughty girl and didn't say a thing after that message.She just giggled and held her secret , and I could just imagine her tricky face, back at the Netherlands.
Yesterday night I just solved the mistery: Ina sent me one matchbox too! :D
Oh dear, it wasnt really necessary! But I am NOT going to send it back to you!Lol. It was such a pleasant surprise! Take a look at the pics!She sent me all sort of tiny little things!I love it ALL!
How did you know I LOVE ladybugs!? They are so sweet!
The small green heart is a tiny notebook. Its absolutely adorable!The small glass with pink beads is a lovely touch and the little girls tin is a treasure itself! I would be over te moon with just that tiny tin!Its so small! I love it!And the buttons in it are just the best! Pure cuteness!
Thank you Ina, so very much for the postcard too! Netherlands is surely one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen! Hope you and all the Dutch girls here realise how lucky you are.
Dankjewel, dankjewel, dankjewel !!!!!

NOTE: What´s the flavour of the drops you sent me? I couldn't define it.

Aug 11, 2008

My exchange for Jen (NC)

Since Jen isn't signed up here yet, I think it's okay to let you girls see what I sent her. It's her own picture, 'borrowed' from her blog. She let me know she's quite happy with it. Both are design from Brittercup Designs, Britty Kitties II and a chart from A Needle and Fred.

Aug 10, 2008

Matchbox exchange from Simone

This is the matchbox exchange I got from Simone. It says : " a present for you "

And inside a lot of halloween goodies : buttons, fabric and halloween confetti....

Thank you Simone !! I love it !!

a crazy exchange from Iris


What a great gift don't you Think. What shall I make for an return gift?
Iris Thank you very much! I am realy happy with it.

Aug 2, 2008

My Birthday Exchange from Joke!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I received this wonderful Birthday Exchange from the even lovelier Joke! Thank you so much Joke - I love it all! I have never stitched a tape measure cover, but Joke stitched one for me ;-) It is adorable! And she also stitched me a very Dutch fob - love it so much :-) Plus the cutest little kit I can stitch with scrap floss. Aw, Joke, thank you so much!

Aug 1, 2008

My exchange for Jenn

I don't see Jenn signed on yet as a contributor to this blog... this is what I sent her for my exchange...

Flower Freebie Floss Ring Tag

Helga Mandl Designs

Enjoy, Jenn!