Sep 30, 2008

Autumnexchange from Simone

today i recieved a lovely parcel for the autumn-exchange from Simone.She maked me a very lovely pinkeep.She put also some potpourri,fabrics and ribbon in the parcel.She did very nice work.

Thanks Simone.

Sep 28, 2008

Exchange received from Marlies

On Saturday I received from Marlies an exchange package. I am really pleased with the lovely bright hanging, the Dutch clog, the post card, the threads and the ribbons. Many thanks for putting together this package for me. It was fun exchanging with you.

Sep 23, 2008

Autumn Exchange sent to Jacqueline

I sent Jacqueline a design by Heart in Hand called Pumpkins and finished it into a pinkeep. I also sent her a scissor sack for her scissors.

I'm so glad you like the exchange Jacqueline :)

Here is a pic:
I realy love It! Thank you very much for this beautiful exchange! it's just perfect for me!

Beautiful exchange from Laurie

I just received this lovely exchange from Laurie today - what a surprise! The autumn wall hanging is adorable and so well done... and she also sent me the cutest Halloween kitchen towel, a jack o lantern votive screen, great trims for finishing.... and lots of tea!

Wow, thank you Laurie - I am tickled!


Sep 22, 2008

crazy-exchange present from Carol

I recieved a wonderful present today from Carol

A beautiful floss tag !!! some dmc, eyelets and a beautiful card. Thank you Carol, I love it all !!!

Sep 18, 2008

Return Exchange from Janaina ;-)

I just received this most wonderful exchange package from Janaina today! She stitched me this amazing Christmas ornament, and I am so excited that it will be on my tree this year! I am a fiend for hand made Christmas ornaments! This one is gorgeous and so perfectly made. And she also sent wonderful goodies - bobbins and fabric, and a magazine! I cannot wait to sit down tonight and read it ;-) She also sent some candies that are, as she instructed, in the refrigerator at the moment... DH is looking forward to testing one of those out later tonight.

Thank you so much Janaina - you spoiled me rotten, rotten, rotten! {{{HUGS}}}

Love ya,

Sep 16, 2008

Crazy Exchange from Annemiek

Look what I received today. When I returned home from work today I had an envelope waiting for me. It was from Annemiek in the Netherlands. She stitched me this beautiful floss tag, I just love it. And I was already admiring the floss tags that I had seen in blogs hoping to have one for myself and thanks to Annemiek, now I have one. She also enclosed some tea for me which I will love during a chilly autumn evening with my stitching. And I also received some threads in beautiful blue colours. Thank you very much Annemiek, this exchange couldn't have come at a better time. Here is a picture of the exchange.


Sep 15, 2008

Return Exchange from Annemiek

I just received this lovely return exchange from Annemiek today. She stitched a stunning floss ring tag for me (from Lizzie Kate's Alphabet Crazy, I think?)... so perfectly done! And added some pretty shades of blue flower thread and yummy tea bags (it is getting to be that time of year when tea is so wonderful in the afternoon)... thank you so much Annemiek - I love it all!

Sep 14, 2008

Thank you Ina

A very lovely parcel arrived today - I was so surprised. We were eating our lunch outside when the mail woman brought me a parcel. I did not remember that Ina was going to send me a return exchange, but what a lovely exchange I received.

A very nice stitchery for my kitchen - it is SO true! And many lovely goodies to go with it. It is lovely. Thank you very much Ina.

Een cadeautje arrivereer vandaag op de deurmat. Ik was heel verbaased. Ina heeft me een mooie exchange gestuurd. Dank je wel Ina.

Sep 12, 2008

Return Exchange from Pascale D.

I received this wonderful return exchange from Pascale D. today. Isn't is stunning?? I just love Barbara Ana's designs, and I cannot believe that this is Pascale's first biscornu! And the feathers (to use for future crafting) are the cutest!

Thank you so much Pascale - what a lovely exchange!

Sep 9, 2008

Matchbox from Jacqueline to Marne

Hi everybody, here are the pictures of Jacq's matchbox she made for Marne. We're very busy at the moment with quilting, quiltshopping and exploring Seattle.
Isn't this matchbox lovely. Marne says THANKS JACQUELINE. bye bye Caroline (Seattle).