Apr 28, 2008

Thank You Suzanne!!

I just found a mystery parcel on my doorstep, and guess what, it's a Crazy Exchange from Suzanne! Suzanne I love the bourse you made me, and thank you so much for the extra goodies you also put in the package. Coincidentally, I just made my first bourse about 10 days ago - yours is really beautiful, your stitching and finishing are gorgeous. Thank you so so much! Now I must decide what to send back you to - keep your eyes on your mailbox!



Apr 24, 2008

Lovely exchange from Simone

I received a lovely surprise today! What a pretty exchange from Simone! Thank you Simone... I love it all!!!!!

Apr 18, 2008

What ppl eat at Brasil in a Friday night?!

Ok... Here is what I had this evening (yes... husband´s out, working.): salad, baked maxi nugget, tomato salad and pineapple juice (the real fruit!!! Yaaaay!). All I did was select the veggies and peel and cut in small cubes. They all jumped in a pot with boiling water and a bit of salt.When tender, I let them all get colder.Peeled an apple and cut in small cubes too.The apple jumped into the bowl and so the veggies.
I mixed half can of corn, 1/3 of milk cream small box, and a bit of maionayse. That particular one is olives flavoured.Mixed it all.In the oven the maxi nugget was being baked.

Here is the final look.I added a few tomato slices and a few drops of olive oil.Ta dah!
Pineapples are quite cheap here. Now it´s not the season so their prices are a bit higher. Usualy We can get one for just R$0.5 . The one I used here was double that price, but it´s still quite cheap.Pineapples like the sun and sun is something we have a lot here, so...
Anybody wants to join me?!

Apr 16, 2008

Tuesday dinner in Seattle

This was pretty easy. Since there are no children living here, meals don't have to follow a particular formula. So tonight it was Grilled chicken Caesar Salad and some french bread. [Salad included romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and some pecans I happened to have on hand. Grilled the chicken and cut it up. Fresh ground black pepper. Viola!]

Last night we had the more traditional pork chops, potatoes and (green) asparagus.


Apr 15, 2008

RR Jacqueline

middle Block: jacqueline
first border: Caroline
second border: Marc
It looks great!

Apr 14, 2008

What's for dinner?

I had my camera already nearby, so I also took pictures of our meal this evening, for Janaina's next assignment! DH wasn't home for dinner so we decided to eat something simple... "Broodje Brie" (bread with French cheese)
These are the ingredients:

Brie, bread, tomato, lettuce.

Yummie! Broodje Brie!

DS likes them better without the lettuce and on normal bread ;)

I'm curious what the rest of you are going to eat... Eet smakelijk!

Rainy day in Vaassen

Here are some pics of Vaassen, the Village I live in...

This windmill is in the center of our little village.

I had to mail out something ;)

The church.

My favourite flowershop.

Our Icecream provider with the most yummie icecream!

Castle the Cannenburgh

They are renovating the castle's park, so it's kind of a mess here.

In my car, driving home. At the right is the forest that belongs to the castle.

Statue of Big bear and Little bear, in someone's garden. It's made during a wood carving contest, that was in Vaassen last Autumn.

Continuing my way home...

Here's the beginning of my street. A little further on the left is my house.

And here is our home!

And this is our street. It's very quiet!

The frontdoor.

My car and the door to the backgarden.

Bought the chicken knocker and the plate in France.

The backyard.

The backside of our house.

Our kitchendoor.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour through my village!

Pictures challenge # 2: what is for dinner tonight?!

That one is easy! Take a pic of what you are going to have as for dinner tonight and post it here at the group blog!If you can, post the recipe of it too! Would be great to see what everyone uses to eat at so many different countries and cultures!
Who is the 1st?!:o)

And here a bit of Brasil!:o)

Ok! I Know I am late, but I am here!
Computer is back home, we have Internet connection and everything is ok now, so here is my parcel on the pictures challenge. Yaaay!Here you guys can see a bit of this small small city where I live: Aracaju.
Aracaju is the capital city of the smallest state in Brasil. Very very very sunny almost 365 days of the year.ere you see a public space, relatively close to my home.
One of the largest avenues here.That side of the city has many trees, as you can see. That means it´s also my fav. part of the area. I just love trees.
See hoe blue the sky is? It was taken by yesterday, a very very sunny day.At the pic below, you can see the river and at the very end of it there´s a bridg, that was built early this year.
Next time I will show you a bit of the beaches we have here....:D Anybody already looking for the passport?! Lol.
Hugs to all!

Patchwork Round Robin

Marne for Marc.

Marc made the middle, and marne made the first border.
now it's is my Turn, for the second border

Apr 11, 2008

Photos from a walk on Thursday afternoon

Seattle is a very hilly town, so you will see ups and downs as I went for a little walk this afternoon. Everyone's yard is beautiful with spring flowers and plants.

Out my front door.

School buses bring the children to the park.

See the snow still on the mountains?