May 31, 2008

Pictures Challenge new theme: black and white

While we are having a break from themed exchanges (next one scheduled is Autumn/Halloween Exchange, in a few months from now) I thought about our next Pictures Challenge theme.
I have always loved black and white pictures... They are so romantic and poetic. Dont you agree?
So go grab your camera and think on what you would like to show us.Here is some inspiration...

You can picture something painted in black and white, maybe make a b/w pic or even alter it a bit with some computer program. I want to know what you can show us! =)
You can post it here at the group blog or at your personal blog, but then , please let us know you have posted at there.
Ok... who starts?!

May 28, 2008

My Crazy Exchange from Suzanne!

What a lovely exchange from Suzanne! I just love the bath towel and bath mitt and it goes perfect in my bathroom since its blue and white. Plus with a LK design on it!! Its just wonderful!!

Thanks so much Suzanne...

May 27, 2008

Wonderful exchange from Pascale

As Carol said in her entry, this has been an American holiday week-end. So that meant many of us were driving places to enjoy 3 days away from the ordinary. We spent the holiday with our friends in the RVing group, about 90 miles from our home. As usual we had a delightful time - many things to do, but time for lots of visiting and the many meals we shared together. All in all a great time.

BUT. . . . when I arrived home, there on my doorstep was a parcel from Pascale. Oh I am so lucky - obviously she has worked hard and made and collected some wonderful things for me.

Isn't that so cute? I just love the plaids with the apples. Marvelous. And look at this fabulous dangle on the scissors:

It could be used as a scissor fob, I suppose, but it would be just so cute on a key ring or even on a bag. The shells and the beads are light, so they wouldn't be too heavy.

Thank you Pascale, very much. This is a lovely exchange and a very nice gift to end my holiday. I shall continue to practice my Dutch while I read the magazine. :-)

May 23, 2008

An Ordinary Day....

I have to just laugh at myself for doing this, but I had my camera with me in my Jeep this morning on the way to work because I had hoped to take some photos in the garden before I left. But the sprinkler system was on and nothing looked good to photograph. Next thing I know, I am photographing parts of my commute to work instead (to Haverhill, Massachusetts)... then remembered that some stitchers were posting here about where they live... so here you go! OK, this is not of my town, but still of where I spend a lot of my time - LOL This commute takes me 45-50 minutes in good traffic.

Just outside of my neighborhood at this point, and there is the first main road up ahead...
Up the ramp and here we go....

Have to go to Massachusetts, so I have to go left for South...

Part of the long stretch in New Hampshire - this part is through Derry...

I've been on the road for about 25 minutes now... and here is the Massachusetts state line....

Ah, and now my exit towards the office... traffic has been light as it is a Friday before a long holiday weekend...

Oh, here is traffic now at the first light!

Ooops! Looks like I have to buy gasoline on my way home today!

Sirius Satellite Radio is keeping me company along the way - what a Godsend!

I have reached Haverhill... not long to go now....

Still moving along... almost there!

There it is - my office building!

My name on the sign - yep, I am at the right place!!

... Not gonna show you my office, but here is my waiting room (sorry it is blurry - I took it with the flash off because of the glass french doors) - I share the waiting room with the attorneys...

Yippeee... this is my commute two days a week... the other three I go to Lawrence, Massachusetts... maybe I will post that one day too - LOL

Well, there you have it... not so very exciting!

May 21, 2008

Scavenger Hunt from Pascale

Pascale was my partner (again) for the Scavenger Hunt and she sent me this:

Bird: the little pillow
Kitchen: the napkins
Old: the wooden bobbin
Flowers: the notepad
Happiness: the card with a beautiful poem written in it
Tiny: the little scissors
And the Christmas ornament was a little extra I assume.

Here's a close up of the pillow.

Pascale, thanks again for yet another wonderful exchange!!!

May 20, 2008

My crazy exchange for Joanne

I saw on Joanne´s blog that she has received my exchange so I wanted to post pictures here for you to see what I sent to her.

Crazy Exchange for Joanne

Crazy Exchange from Marne

Hello everybody. Today I received a note in my mailbox that the mailwoman had tried to deliver and envelope that wouldn´t fit my mailbox. So, right after work I went to the post office to pick up a wonderful exchange from Marne. Wow Marne, I just love everything that was in the envelope. I´ve been sitting here admiring your quilting. The little quilt mat you made for me is so beautiful and all the stitching goodies and the notebook and the bookmark are so lovely. Thank you so much again. Here are some pictures for you all to see my goodies.

Crazy Exchange from Marne

Crazy exchange from Marne

Return exchange from Nic

Last week I received this wonderful return exchange from Nic. Thank you ever so much for everything Nic, I just loved it. The pinkeep is so beautifully stitched in my favorite colour burgundy. Here are the pictures for you all to enjoy.

Return crazy exchange from Nic

Return crazy exchange from Nic

May 18, 2008

Merci Carol !!!

(quick page d' Artistic musings)

Here are the pretty presents that I received from Carol: two blocks of "post it" Cats, a charming small cushion for my scissors and a fat Quaker of a superb pink!
Fast, I have now one month to spoil her in his turn.... I have
already a small idea!...

May 16, 2008

Birthday exchange from Jacqueline

Here are the pictures I promised. It is a wonderful gift, I am so happy with it! My daughter could hardly believe it was made by someone, she thought it was bougth in some expensive store. So beautiful made, unbelievable!

A package arrived, exactly on my birthday!

And this is what was in it, a quilted hang-up (I don't know how to call it), the newest CrossStitcher, including a stitch roll and a birthdaycard:

I really love the colours Jacqueline used and the perfect way they match! Look at it:

Again: thank you Jacqueline :)

May 15, 2008

Birthday exchange from Jacqueline

Yes!! I'm so thrilled, because a package arrived just now! It's my birthday, and I dind't expect a package today, because the mailmen were on strike yesterday. But just now a package arrived, and I am about to open it.

How exciting this is! I will post pictures tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know how happy I am. Jacqueline thanks for sending me a birthday gift!!

May 14, 2008

Exchange for Florence from Carol

I sent off an exchange to Florence a while back... finally it has arrived in France...

I sent her cat post-it notes in honor of her new litter of kittens :-)

Glad you like it Florence!

Birthday exchange from Janaina

Hi all,

I'm home again, from a wonderful vacation in France. We had great weather, so we didn't do much... ;) I hardly didn't stitch either! It was too hot, or too windy, or too late in the evening... Instead of that I read two books of Jennifer Chiaverini (Round Robin and Cross Country Quilters).

On May 4th it was my Birthday and it was fun to celebrate it on the camping, together with my family and some other camping-guests.

Here I am opening Janaina's Birthday exchange:

And these are the pretty things Janaine sent me from Brasil:

She made me a perfectly stitched tea-towel (you should see the backside, it's so neat!). And add some Anchor threads, linen, quiltfabrics and other goodies. Thank you Janaina!

Finished the second border on Marc's RR

So now I can send it to caroline. All the RR have 2 borders know, and whe only have to make the last border, and then send it Home.

May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to me from Jacqueline!

Oh my, aren't I so so lucky! Jacqueline was my partner for the birthday exchange and she totally outdid herself, just check out what she made for me!! Not only this amazing and beautiful wall hanging (it is so me!!), but also this pretty scissor fob and very cute gingerbread man pincushion!

She also included extra goodies for me.

Thanks so much Jacqueline - this is such a wonderful birthday present, I love it all!!

Hope you're feeling better :)



May 8, 2008

Exchange from Wendy Jo Brees

today i recieved a lovely exchange from Wendy.She maked me a lovely pinkeep,and she send me also a nice quilting magazine.

Thank you Wendy.Now i will think about what to make for you.

May 7, 2008

Thank you Wendy Jo ................

Wendy Jo send me a lovely present. The pictures are on my weblog:

May 6, 2008

crazy exchange from Marne

Look wat a beautfiful wallhanger I got from Marne, isn't it beautful! She also put 2 biundels with fabric in it,Marne thank you so much, I love it, Know I have to think what I will make for you as a return gift.