Jun 28, 2009

Return exchange from Pascale

Last week I received a beautiful return exchange from Pascale. Words really can't desribe how I felt when I opened the package. Pascale made me a stitcher's wallet and it is so beautifully stitched and finished - a real gem. I will enclose some pictures but the pictures really don't do this beautiful piece any justice. Pascale also enclosed for me 2 patterns from my wishlist and the threads the patterns call for. Again, thank you ever so much for the beautiful return exchange, I will cherish it a lot.

First a picture of the outside of the stitcher's wallet
Pascale - outside wallet

And then a picture of the inside. Look at all the details, everything is so well planned and thought of. I love it.
Pascale - inside wallet

And a picture of the whole exchange.
Exchange from Pascale

Hope you are having a great day!

All the best