Oct 30, 2008

Lucky me - an exchange from Finland

My mail lady left me a little parcel just now and see what was inside. A marvelous Marimekko fabric toiletries bag from Taija. (I pulled the lining out so you could see that too - isn't it so cute?) Inside there were assorted beauty products - I will be gorgeous! And a little porpoise - tell me about that Taija. (he is very cute).

I am getting ready to go to New Orleans, Louisiana next week. So the timing for this is just perfect. Thank you Taija, for your great exchange. Now what shall I begin?

Best wishes,

Oct 29, 2008


This what I received from Janneke

Oct 28, 2008

autumn exchange from Amy

Pictures from my autumn exchange from Amy, it was a real treat, and I love it all !!!
Amy, Thank you very much !!!!
A pinkeep, piece of fabric, stickers, magnet, a halloween tin and a very nice card.

Close up on the pinkeep

and inside the tin ..... candy....yummy !!!!

Return exchange from Jacq

Last week I recieved a return exchange from Jacqueline. I love it !!!!
Jacq, thanks a lot !!!!

more detailed picture

Oct 27, 2008

Return Exchange for Laurie

I saw Laurie's message in the Yahoo group that she cannot access this blog. I am sure Jacq can add her, but for now, I will show the return exchange that I sent to her recently. Laurie received it several days ago :-) Glad you like it Laurie - it was super fun to stitch for you!

Oct 25, 2008

Crazy exchange from Marne

This morning the doorbell ringed and the mailman handed over a big envelop to me! I knew there was a crazyexchange on it's way to me and this was finally it. The package was from Marne!

She made me this beautiful Autumn tablerunner:

And added a lot of nice extra's too it!

And on the back is the cutest turkey!

Thank you so much Marne! I really like what you've made for me!!!

Have a nice weekend!

Hugs, Simone

Oct 24, 2008

Crazyexchange from Carol

Today i recieved a lovely exchange from Carol.Carol maked me a very lovely biscornu.In the parcel she has put a lovely piece of fabric,some chocolats and a bathcream.
Thank you so much Carol.

Oct 16, 2008

Birthday-exchange from Cynthia

Last week I couldn't take pictures because of my husband, who took the camera with him on vacation. Both are back, so here it is! Cynthia, thanks again!


Oct 11, 2008

Autumn Exchange from Marne

Yesterday I received my autumn exchange from Marne in the mail. Oh my.......I am in awe. Marne sent me this beautiful tic-tac-toe game board that she had quilted. And she had made pumpkins and crosses from cinnamon sticks. Two of the crosses were damaged but I managed to glue them together so they look perfect again. Marne included lots of extras and it was a very fun exchange. She sent me some fabric, a plastic pouch, a ribbon, a sunflower pin, something for the threads called soft (not completely sure what it is) and a sticky notepad. Marne, I love everything you sent to me, it was a great exchange. Here are some pictures for you to see.

Marne tic-tac-toe

Marne Autumn Extras

Lovely Autumn Exchange from ???

I received this lovely exchange today! So nice - what a great needlebook and fob! But there was no note in the package, and the envelope was treated very poorly. The return address is totally unreadable. I know the sender is in Europe, because the postage was paid in Euros... do you know who sent this to me? I would love to know. The goodies are wonderful. Unfortunately, the postal service broke all of the decorative pins, which appeared to have Halloween or fall motifs on them :-(

Thank you, mystery partner!

~ Carol

Oct 10, 2008

Front Door from Marne

Someone suggested (was it you Janaina?) that we post a photo of our front door. So I finally got around to that today. One (obviously) is the front door, with minimal decorations and the other is the side opposite the door - with a bit of seasonal decor.

More photos?

Oct 9, 2008

Autumn exchange

Autumn exchange

This is what I got from Carol.
She made me a very merry Autumn pinkeep.
It's a JBW design on a 32ct vintage country mocha belfast linnen with GAST floss.
I love it.
and also the other things a autumn harvest kit from Mill Hill ,a bookmark kit from DMC ,a pattern from heart in hand,some hand dyed floss and fabric from Debbi Mumm and a beautifull
card from Mary Engelbreit.
Thank you so much Carol.I love it all.

Oct 6, 2008

My Autumn exchange from Jacqueline!

I absolutely love the wall hanging!! I think its going to go in the entry way since its just been painted and something very autumn like needs to go there :)

Thanks so much Jacqueline for the wall hanging and the ribbon!

Here are some pics!

Oct 4, 2008

Edda has been busy!

Beside Joke, Edda took my name when it turned out that my original partner couldn't "play". So here is what she made and sent me. Isn't it wonderful? jApple fabric, tea, sweets, a fabulous biscornu and scissor fob stitched with varigated thread. Really, really lovely. Thank you so much Edda. I am really lucky to have such a great partner.

And if you didn't see Jacqueline's (our leader) blog, I got an envelope earlier in the week from Alice, 4 years old. Aren't they marvelous? I am a grandma (oma) so I know just how precious these are! I put them up outside my sewing room so can see them everytime I go in and out of there. Oh how lovely.

Oct 1, 2008

Autumn Exchage from Edda

A lovely idea, while I was stitching something for Edda, she was stitching for me and we both didn't know. And on top of that, we both had our package in the mail today AND we both added a message on the group at almost the same time. Are we soulmates or not?? I love what she did for me. She made me a lovely stitched biscornu, and a sissorfob, combined with a pair of scissors. Besides that she gave me a booklet of Zweigart with autumn designs and some tea and chocolate. For more details look at my blog!

Autumn Exchange from Joke

I received this wonderful Autumn Exchange from Joke in the mail today. Thank you ever so much Joke, I really love the beautiful scissor pocket you made for me, it is so delicate and beautifully finished. I will tresure it with the items I use for my daily stitching. And also a big thank you for the extras. I really love the fabric and the thread. Wonderful choice of colours. Here is a picture for you all to see.

Autumn Exchange from Joke