Nov 20, 2009

O my gracious!

Joke, for some reason I cannot remember, thought she 'owed' me a return exchange and one arrived today. Oh my goodness gracious - I am just overwhelmed. That girl does some exquisite needlework. Such patience and precision,

A Chatelaine Design, with silk and beads. The Alphabet in Fraktur. [Luckily she sent along an explanation, too.] Is it not just fabulous?

And because she knew that I am completely crazy for Christmas decorating, you can see the Christmas decorations included in her stitching and it's backed with a georgous fabric. Oh lucky, lucky me. Joke, my dear friend, thank you so very much. It's just beautiful.
Liefs, Marne

Nov 18, 2009

Exchange return from Anita in Belgium

Look at what Anita sent me - it was a delightful package. I love the handmade biscornu, flower pincushion, needle book and also there was a cute Belgian Chocolate tapemeasure. What a fun parcel. I am delighted. I love these international exchanges. Anita thank you for your generosity.