Apr 14, 2008

And here a bit of Brasil!:o)

Ok! I Know I am late, but I am here!
Computer is back home, we have Internet connection and everything is ok now, so here is my parcel on the pictures challenge. Yaaay!Here you guys can see a bit of this small small city where I live: Aracaju.
Aracaju is the capital city of the smallest state in Brasil. Very very very sunny almost 365 days of the year.ere you see a public space, relatively close to my home.
One of the largest avenues here.That side of the city has many trees, as you can see. That means it´s also my fav. part of the area. I just love trees.
See hoe blue the sky is? It was taken by yesterday, a very very sunny day.At the pic below, you can see the river and at the very end of it there´s a bridg, that was built early this year.
Next time I will show you a bit of the beaches we have here....:D Anybody already looking for the passport?! Lol.
Hugs to all!


Simone said...

Already found my passport! ;) Looks like you're living in a great place Janaina!
My camera is in my purse to take with me for some pics of Vaassen...

Janaina said...

I already looked at your pics, and dear friend, I am open to make some home swapping ANYTIME!!!!!:o) The trees at your place are so nice and I bet they smell sogood! Look at that flower shop! So neat! And hey! I see a tiny little hand at the post office too!:D
Thank you for being part of this!