Feb 28, 2010

winter exchange from Marne

I'm a very lucky girl !
I recieved a wallhanger,some postcards and 2 magnets from Marne.
thanks Marne i love it.

Feb 18, 2010

Guess what came to my house today

The postman brought me a fantastic box today. All the way from ......?
Can you guess where from this bag?

And inside were all these goodies. A tulip , a notebook, some small flagged toothpicks, some wonderful stickers and some licorice Dutch clogs. Oh I am soooooooo happy.

The Needleroll by expert stitcher Ina is fantastic.
Look at it. It has icicles and snowmen and is so winter looking but today in Auckland it is 29 degrees and 98% humidity. But thank you to Ina the cool of winter has come to me. This wonderful needleroll is in my cupboard where I can look at it always.
Thank you very very much Ina

Feb 17, 2010

Exchange return gift

Jacqueline has sent me a lovely table runner in wonderful, cheerful spring colors. Thank you Jacqueline, very much. And I am very proud of you - I can see that you used your sewing machine! Hurrah!

Feb 14, 2010


Yesterday this beautiful exchange arrived.It's a cold man,but it warms my heart,I'm in love.

It's made by Jacqueline,she really spoiled me.Thanks a lot.


Feb 13, 2010

winter exchange from Joke

This is the winter exchange from Joke .
A beautiful wallhanger and ribbons with the dutch colors.
It's very nice thank you Joke


Winter Exchange from Caroline

Hi everybody! This is the wonderfull stitchery panel I recieved for the winther Exchange from Caroline. Thank you sooooo much! I really love it! :) She also sent me a dutch ribbon and a very nice calendar of Holland :) Everything is soooo lovely! In the picture you can also see the perfect owl hanger that I had! hope to year you soon Vania

Feb 8, 2010

Winter exchange from Margaret

Just a minute ago the mailman brought me a package from New Zealand. It contained the most wonderful stitched piece I've ever received! It's the winter-exchange from Margaret!

Margaret enclosed also a "Kiwi" bird.

Isn't it gorgeous??? And to think that it's hot Summer in New Zealand... (she could have done a bit of nice weather in the box!). I've read on Margarets blog that she had a hard time finishing this box. I surely can imagine that, but it turned out great after all! Thank you so much Margaret!

Hugs, Simone

Feb 2, 2010

winter exchange from Pascale

Hi girls, looks what a beautiful winter exchange I got from Pascale, her own design, isn't it great!

Thanks Pascale I realy Love it!

Winter Exchange

Just to let you know that today I went to the Post Office and mailed my winter exchange firmly packed in a medium sized white box. It is going all the way to ................oops sorry - must keep that a surprise!