Jul 28, 2008

Tess's First Exchange

This couldn't have come at a better time because I'd been in bed with a migraine all day! Thank-you Carol for the beautiful fob, fabric and scissors!

Jul 26, 2008

Wonderful Exchange from Joke

Joke - thank you so much!!! Joke sent me this gorgeous gorgeous needleroll - it is Shepherd's Roll by Shepherd's Bush and I just adore it :) Joke is a very talent stitcher, the stitching and finishing are both beautiful. I love sheep, so she has stitched the perfect needleroll for me - thank you again so much :)

She also sent me some lovely and much appreciated goodies - oh, no, look, there is a missing chocolate finger ALREADY :)

Thank you so much Joke, I just love it - now to get out my needle and start to stitch your return exchange - I think I've got a good idea about what to stitch for you :)


Jul 24, 2008

I received something very very wonderful!

Today I received a beautiful package from New Zealand. I am so very happy! Margaret, many thanks :D

Inside the beautiful card she writes a lot about the things she sent to me. The needlebook and scissorfob are done in Wessy Stitchery, wich is an old type of stitching that was revived in New Zealand by Gay Eaton, who is a well known embroiderer. She found the old patterns from England, revived them and printed a book about it in 2001. This particular pattern is called Exeter and is named for the old cathedral in Wessy, England. The colours are chosen from the New Zealand native shellfish the paua. The card shows a clear picture of the shell, which is used for many souvenir products, jewellery and the buttons she included in the package. The fabric is from a range of New Zealand quilting fabrics and is calles crazy paua. So, she says, she sent me a very New Zealand package and she hopes I will enjoy it.

Margaret, I do not only enjoy it, I love it! Thanks very much, I will start your return exchange soon.

Jul 21, 2008

Exciting arrivals

At long, long last Jacqueline's Round Robin arrived at my house. Hurrah! I will finish the next and final border and give it to Caroline to take back to Jacqueline.

And as many of you know, Caroline is making a trip to the United States in September to come and visit me. Aren't I so lucky? She has been a busy girl making little items for the women in my quilt group and she wanted me to see a sample. Aren't these so very cute! I just love them - a pin cushion and a needle book. Wonderful.


Jul 15, 2008

Two packs at the same day! =D

I just CAN'T believe that! Despite Braz. mailguys are still on strike (2 weeks already! )I just got those 4 (yes... You read right!) packs yesterday night.Two of them were from girls I have met at Flickr´s, and the othe two were from Carol S. and Pascale.

Here you can see Carol´s gifts for me.=D She sent me a gorgeous cute sweet little fob with a lovely frog on it!At the back side she stitched "No frog zone" and added her initials. I am just stunned with all the kindness. She also used the smallest beads I HAVE EVER SEEN to the finishing of the piece. Jesus! They ARE so small! Hard to believe there´s such a small needle to add them to the fob.

You can also see the lovely charm she places to the piece. Its written "made with love" and there´s no doubt on that! =) Scissors and hand dyed fabric !!!!! AND if it wasnt enough, well... she just included a "few other goodies, but they are just extra gifts for you". HA! Can you believe it?! I specially like the socks and the non soap thing. It smells like peach and I love that!
Then I opened Pascale's pack.At 1st I was confused, as I only read the country. I was like "who do I know from Belgium...?" (yes... I am getting old and senile!Lol)
Pascale sent me the most sweet parcel ever in history too! Take a look at the sweet card she included!What a beautiful handwriting!I got matching apron, oven glover,tea towel and coaster.=D But I think she was really inspired! Because she also made me a beautiful pincushion with a cow on it!!!!!!!I so love cows...
I shall take better pics soon , because I now realise Pascale sent me another item I didnt pictured. But I was so very excited with the packs here, I just needed to share it with you girls.=)
I already know exactly what I will do for you, ladies, but please be patient with me. It shall take a bit to get you.
I want you both to know I just LOVE everything I received. You are all so sweet and lovely! I feel lucky I a here at this group.
Much much love,

Jul 11, 2008

Return Exchange from Joke

I received the most fantastic return exchange from Joke today - and I MUST show it off! Joke writes that she lacks finishing skills.... what? She sent me a pincushion and a fob that were both not only nicely finished... but perfectly finished! Oh Joke, you are far too modest!

Did you know that Carriage House Samplings is one of my favorite designers? I know you read my blog now... so maybe you did notice :-) And... wow, John James Needles!! Madeira Silk!! And the most perfect linen! I was actually at the LNS today (very rare, as it is far away) and was looking for 32 ct Rue Green or Confederate Gray Belfast for an exchange that needs to be done and out the door in a week... couldn't find any! Joke sent me the perfect piece! KISMET!

Thank you so much - you spoiled me so rotten! And... she sent me a Birthday Exchange too! She has the envelopes very clearly marked, so I did not open that one yet... my birthday is still 20 days out.... do you mind, Joke, if I hold on to it for a bit? I don't get a lot of gifts for my birthday, so it will be a treat to have this one to open!


Jul 8, 2008

Janien's Exchange arrives!

I received Janien's exchange today and wow...did I get a lovely package from her.

She stitched me a lovely pillow with a butterfly in a flower (backed it with red fabric) and sent a bunch of goodies as well.

Thank you so very much Janien..I really love my package very much.

Here are a couple of pics:

Jul 4, 2008

FQ arrived from Brazil

The mailman brought me this lovely FQ from Janaina, and she added a sweet little note from sunny Brazil =) Thank you Janaina, I just love it ans sure can use it for something nice!

Jul 2, 2008

Caroline's Package Arrives in Iowa!

I received Caroline's package today finally. Caroline had mailed it on June 6th and we both have been worried that it had gotten lost but...guess it just took a bit of a detour...but it was sooo worth the wait!

She made me 4 lovely strawberries...I LOVE the color red and...Caroline's dad made me a journal! I just love it so much. This is something so special...that I am so overjoyed to receive.

Caroline...I really love this package...please tell your father..thank you so much..the journal is lovely and his workmanship on it is beautiful and I will treasure it very much. The strawberries will be placed in one of my baskets on my table.

Thanks so much.

Wendy Jo

Here is a pic: