Apr 14, 2008

Rainy day in Vaassen

Here are some pics of Vaassen, the Village I live in...

This windmill is in the center of our little village.

I had to mail out something ;)

The church.

My favourite flowershop.

Our Icecream provider with the most yummie icecream!

Castle the Cannenburgh

They are renovating the castle's park, so it's kind of a mess here.

In my car, driving home. At the right is the forest that belongs to the castle.

Statue of Big bear and Little bear, in someone's garden. It's made during a wood carving contest, that was in Vaassen last Autumn.

Continuing my way home...

Here's the beginning of my street. A little further on the left is my house.

And here is our home!

And this is our street. It's very quiet!

The frontdoor.

My car and the door to the backgarden.

Bought the chicken knocker and the plate in France.

The backyard.

The backside of our house.

Our kitchendoor.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour through my village!


Janaina said...

Holly Jesus! It seems like the pics came out from a Homes and Gardens magazine!Is that real? I mean... Isnt it from some movie?:o)
The kitchen door pic is one of my fav.'s!
Who takes care of your backyards?

Nana's Quilts said...

Your beautiful, renovated back garden. Wonderful. Next time I'm over there, I'm coming over for a cup of tea, OK?


Janaina said...

Can you hide me inside your luggage, Marne?!:o)

Florence said...

thanks for the pics Simone !