Apr 25, 2010

Birthday present from Iceland

Today I found my birthday present in the mailbox from Edda. Something went wrong with the adress, so she had to post it again. I thought it would take a while because of the ash cloud, but it already arrived on my door mat. Isn't it lovely, I like the scarf (I'm always cold), so I like to wrap something around me when I'm sitting on my sofa, and I love the colours, blue, green brown are my favorites. And she also put 4 pieces of fabrics as well inside. I consider myself as a very lucky girl. THANK YOU VERY MUCH EDDA!!!!!!

To put on your agenda ......

......... when you're in the Netherlands in Mai. (Spareroom avaible in my house!!!)
In the Castle Cannenburg in Vaassen is an exposition about "Merklappen en Antiek Textiel" (Needlework samplers and antique textile) from thursday 13 until sunday 16 Mai (10.00 a.m till 17.00 p.m).
A week later you can go to Hennie Oosterbaans housewarmingparty. On friday, saturday and sunday (19, 20,21 Mai, 10.00 a.m. until 17.00 p.m) her little shop is open, and there will be an little quilt exposition as well. (Location: Koudhoornseweg 31, Garderen).
With kind regards, Caroline

Apr 7, 2010

An American Surprise

Look at what dear Marne sent me. It's wonderful and looks perfect on my dining room table. Marne, my half deaf half blind elderly Mother ( she's not really but she doesn't like her photo on a blog!) says you are the best!!!

I am so so pleased with my surprise and because of you had a really great day. Thank you thank you.

Apr 2, 2010

Caro asked 'What are you working on?'

I posted a reply on my blog, but even more fun news -
Yesterday the mail lady brought me a little parcel from Belgium. It was Happy Easter greetings from Pascale and these very sweet Easter decorations for my table,

ei kuikentje en ei konijntje, as well as onderzetters.

Gelukkig me (Lucky me!)

Big thanks Pascale and Happy Easter to all of you!