Jul 2, 2008

Caroline's Package Arrives in Iowa!

I received Caroline's package today finally. Caroline had mailed it on June 6th and we both have been worried that it had gotten lost but...guess it just took a bit of a detour...but it was sooo worth the wait!

She made me 4 lovely strawberries...I LOVE the color red and...Caroline's dad made me a journal! I just love it so much. This is something so special...that I am so overjoyed to receive.

Caroline...I really love this package...please tell your father..thank you so much..the journal is lovely and his workmanship on it is beautiful and I will treasure it very much. The strawberries will be placed in one of my baskets on my table.

Thanks so much.

Wendy Jo

Here is a pic:


Joke said...

Oooo, Wendy-Jo, you're so lucky, this looks gorgeous! I can imagine you are happy with it, such a nice gift :)

Janaina said...

OMG! Its so lovely! Congrats to both you, ladies! =)
That´s the second time I see Caroline´s dad work, and I am falling in love with him! (hopefully your mom is not a jealous girl! Hahahahaha)What a cute journal!
Question: what is the blue piece? An FQ? Love the pattern!

WendyJo said...


The blue piece is the notecard that Caroline wrote on...guess I should have turned it over. I am just tickled with the package. Rex, my DH, was quite fascinated with the journal too.

Iris said...

This looks great !!!
What nice strawberries !!!

Iris said...

This looks great !!!
What nice strawberries !!!