Jul 15, 2008

Two packs at the same day! =D

I just CAN'T believe that! Despite Braz. mailguys are still on strike (2 weeks already! )I just got those 4 (yes... You read right!) packs yesterday night.Two of them were from girls I have met at Flickr´s, and the othe two were from Carol S. and Pascale.

Here you can see Carol´s gifts for me.=D She sent me a gorgeous cute sweet little fob with a lovely frog on it!At the back side she stitched "No frog zone" and added her initials. I am just stunned with all the kindness. She also used the smallest beads I HAVE EVER SEEN to the finishing of the piece. Jesus! They ARE so small! Hard to believe there´s such a small needle to add them to the fob.

You can also see the lovely charm she places to the piece. Its written "made with love" and there´s no doubt on that! =) Scissors and hand dyed fabric !!!!! AND if it wasnt enough, well... she just included a "few other goodies, but they are just extra gifts for you". HA! Can you believe it?! I specially like the socks and the non soap thing. It smells like peach and I love that!
Then I opened Pascale's pack.At 1st I was confused, as I only read the country. I was like "who do I know from Belgium...?" (yes... I am getting old and senile!Lol)
Pascale sent me the most sweet parcel ever in history too! Take a look at the sweet card she included!What a beautiful handwriting!I got matching apron, oven glover,tea towel and coaster.=D But I think she was really inspired! Because she also made me a beautiful pincushion with a cow on it!!!!!!!I so love cows...
I shall take better pics soon , because I now realise Pascale sent me another item I didnt pictured. But I was so very excited with the packs here, I just needed to share it with you girls.=)
I already know exactly what I will do for you, ladies, but please be patient with me. It shall take a bit to get you.
I want you both to know I just LOVE everything I received. You are all so sweet and lovely! I feel lucky I a here at this group.
Much much love,


pascale said...

I'm glad you like it and also that you received it.I'll never send a something so far away...
the gift of Carol is also great.

Iris said...

You got great gifts !!!!
You are truely spoiled ;-)

Joke said...

Wow, both gifts are really beautiful, but you deserve to get spoiled =)