Jul 11, 2008

Return Exchange from Joke

I received the most fantastic return exchange from Joke today - and I MUST show it off! Joke writes that she lacks finishing skills.... what? She sent me a pincushion and a fob that were both not only nicely finished... but perfectly finished! Oh Joke, you are far too modest!

Did you know that Carriage House Samplings is one of my favorite designers? I know you read my blog now... so maybe you did notice :-) And... wow, John James Needles!! Madeira Silk!! And the most perfect linen! I was actually at the LNS today (very rare, as it is far away) and was looking for 32 ct Rue Green or Confederate Gray Belfast for an exchange that needs to be done and out the door in a week... couldn't find any! Joke sent me the perfect piece! KISMET!

Thank you so much - you spoiled me so rotten! And... she sent me a Birthday Exchange too! She has the envelopes very clearly marked, so I did not open that one yet... my birthday is still 20 days out.... do you mind, Joke, if I hold on to it for a bit? I don't get a lot of gifts for my birthday, so it will be a treat to have this one to open!



Janaina said...

Wow! What a treat! =D
Congrats to both! The stitched pieces are really very very very nice looking! And the linnen has a lovely color! ENJOY! And dont forget to share the pics of you opening the bday pack!!!!! That´s the BEST part! =D

Iris said...

beautiful !!

Joke said...

Oh Carol, am I happy you like my gift!! I notices you like Carriage House Samplings (so do I) and I immediately knew I wanted to stitch this one for you. The fob is my own interpretation of tne cushion.

And good of you to wait unpacking your birthday gift. That is why I marked it :) I just was afraid you wouldn't get it in time, due to my absence during holiday :)

Just be patience for a few more weeks :)


Joke said...

By the way, what does KISMET mean??