Jul 24, 2008

I received something very very wonderful!

Today I received a beautiful package from New Zealand. I am so very happy! Margaret, many thanks :D

Inside the beautiful card she writes a lot about the things she sent to me. The needlebook and scissorfob are done in Wessy Stitchery, wich is an old type of stitching that was revived in New Zealand by Gay Eaton, who is a well known embroiderer. She found the old patterns from England, revived them and printed a book about it in 2001. This particular pattern is called Exeter and is named for the old cathedral in Wessy, England. The colours are chosen from the New Zealand native shellfish the paua. The card shows a clear picture of the shell, which is used for many souvenir products, jewellery and the buttons she included in the package. The fabric is from a range of New Zealand quilting fabrics and is calles crazy paua. So, she says, she sent me a very New Zealand package and she hopes I will enjoy it.

Margaret, I do not only enjoy it, I love it! Thanks very much, I will start your return exchange soon.


Iris said...

Beautiful !!

Joke said...

Beautiful colours and beautiful made, it makes me speechless!

jacq said...

whow that is realy a beautiful gift.

katrien said...

WHAWWWWW,this is very beautiful.