Dec 25, 2008

Santa came on Christmas Eve

"Santa" Carol's return exchange arrived this afternoon - just in time. It is marvelous. See the wonderful raindeer surrounded with gold beads:

It's perfect in our tree. And she kindly sent along two lovely Christmas fabrics.
Thank you very much Carol. These are terrific!

Happy holidays to you!


Janaina said...

What a perfect timing! =)
Merry Xmas, Marne!

Carol said...

You are welcome Marne! I was hoping you would like it - and so glad it arrived in time to actually hang on your tree this year. I want to make that same deer for my own tree for next year!

WendyJo said...

Santa Carol did a great job on your exchange Marne! Love the ornie and the fabric is lovely too!

Wendy Jo