Dec 15, 2008

December in Seattle

I couldn't see how to insert a photo into a regular post for crazy exchange so I'll put it over here. Hope that's alright with everyone.

Saturday night while we were having some friends over for dinner, look what happened outside:

Seattle is a very hilly city so snow and ice can cause quite a few problems for driving, but gosh it sure is pretty. I know the Netherlands had snow once (at least,) and I suspect some of you northern girls (Iceland, Finland) probably have some snow. Why not take us a picture of what's happening now. (Janaina - no teasing about trips to the beach!)



Carol said...

Very pretty! I do not like winter, but it is pretty, that is for sure. We had two dustings of snow, both gone already... BUT as most know from CNN, we had an ice storm on Thursday night that took out a lot of power in New England... my house is still down. We are miserable there. I am at work now in Massachusetts and my office is warm and has power... and it is 55 today! Not beach weather, but hopefully nice enough for the electric company to get a lot of work done today....

Janaina said...

Oh, Marne... I could not hold myself from laughing out loud! =D
Ok... I promisse not tease you girls with beach trips pics! Lol.
Carol, as you are not into Winter, what about making us a visit by next Xmas?! I can promisse you lots of fun, Sun, warm water beaches, and 365 different fruits for you to try! Tempting? =)

WendyJo said...

I don't mind winter too much..I will take some pics when we get a real good snow storm as we have lots of trees in back of us.

But Janaina...I love fruit and I love the beach...mmm I might have to join Carol if she chooses to come! LOLOL

Great pics Marne by the way.

Janaina said...

You are very welcome, Wendy! =)