Dec 26, 2008

Christmas Ornament from Janien!

Just in time for Christmas, I received this exchange Janien made for me. It is such a lovely package, even more dearly to me since I know Janien is ill, yet she did a wonderful job.
she stitched me a bookmark, and a lovely tabecloth.
She added some great goodies to her package, such as chocolate (yummie!) and a scented bag, smells great, even wrapped in plastic I can smell it. I think it's cinnamon, fits perfect to this time of year. Also a nice piece of backing fabric. Thanks so much, Janien!

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WendyJo said...

Joke that is a lovely package from Janien..that bookmark is adorable! I love snowmen and that is cute! I love all the goodies too!

I am sure this package is extra special. I have been thinking about about Janien myself.


Wendy Jo