Jun 19, 2008

((( FQ tag game )))

What about refreshing a bit your fabric stash? What about combine that to he great feeling of getting a nice small envelope at your home with some unexpected surprise? You like the idea? Then, my friend, you are at the right place!
I was reading a few blogs and foruns and completely stolen this idea... It´s named FQ tag game. Some one mentions a FQ they have and someone tags it and lists a FQ...Once you sign up, under the previous person on the list, you must get in touch with her and e-mail her your full name and home address.
Lets try to make it simple and light. No extras involved, no nothing. Just the FQ and at least a short letter, postcard or a few words on a note to say "hi!" to you lucky friend.
You can always sign up again, in order that you will receive as many FQ´s as you sent.
I am going to start the game, who is next?! =D
note: One FQ = 18 x 22 inches (45 x 55 cm) square.


Janaina said...

I offer one FQ of a flowerish 100% cotton with small prints in blue, green and yello. The colors of the Brazilian flag! Really delicate.
Who wants it?! =)

Joke said...

I do, because Brazilians are great footbaal players, and the EK Championship is going on right now ;)
I offer a big FQ (55x50) cotton, light blue, with sailing boats, calla lilies ans autumn leaves.

Joke said...

I mean of course football LOL

Nana's Quilts said...

Joke - I like the sounds of your fabric and I would like to have it. My address is on the group member list - or let me know if you can't find it. Perhaps I did it wrong, as I posted a photo of fabric I have to give to someone who wants it.

Laurie said...

Marne-I'd like your flowers and fairies fabric please. My address is on our yahoo group site. I'll offer a Lt. blue FQ with pretty blue butterflies all over.

Joke said...

Nana, I willl send it off :)