May 18, 2010

Thanks to our favorite Kiwi

Thanks Margaret for your marvelous exchange which my postal lady brought today. Just lovely as well as considerate items -

An exquisite lavender colored tassel. The workmanship is so very fine and beautifully done.

Two fabrics with Maori inspired designs. [Did you know I adore brown?]

And also a New Zealand spoon (I love using these for little jam dishes with scones), some fine embroidery scissors, some New Zealand chocolate and a Christmas ornament pattern.

It's really too bad that some folks don't feel inspired to keep participating in the Crazy Exchange. I think it is such fun. I hope that everyone keeps signing up for the special exchanges, at least.

Thanks Margaret. I love everything!

1 comment:

Joke said...

That's a beautiful tassel! A nice exchange :)