Oct 18, 2009

Birthday exchange from Ina

I was in a private birthday exchange with Ina from the Crazy Exchange group. Ina had already had her birthday in August so I had sent her a birthday gift. Ina sent me a beautiful birthday gift. Her stitching is so beautiful and the finishing is just perfect. Here is a picture of the stitched ball.
Stitched ball

And another picture of the whole exchange.
Birthday gift from Ina

Thank you ever so much for this beautiful gift Ina. I really love it.


Janaina said...

Absolutely adorable, Edda! =)
Ina, you are an artits!

Margaret said...

Ina or Edda, The Ball is so cute. Please tell me the name of the chart - I loooooove that ball and would like to make one for my niece if you would kindly tell me where I can get the chart