Aug 26, 2009

My work in progress (WIP)

Hello ladies.

At the moment I am knitting like crazy. I have started working on some Christmas presents. We have some little children in our families that we give gifts at christmas and I thought it would be nice to make something for them out of wool. So this is what I am doing.

Peysa handa Ellu

I am working on finishing the knitting on the green pullover. When that is done I am doing to do the finishing on the pullovers over the weekend. I am going to put a zipper in them both which will be a challenge for me as I have never done it before. So wish me luck.

I will hopefully be stitching and knitting during this autumn and winter. I want to make more knitted christmas gifts for the little ones and will keep you updated. I am really looking forward to being part of the group making exhanges with all you wonderful ladies.

All the best,


Joke said...

Edda, it seems to me they are really Icelandic! Beautiful knitting!

jacq said...

Edda that looks great I like the red 1 very much