Apr 18, 2009

It's me! It's me!

Today the postal lady brought me a very special gift from Janaina. I wondered when I read her post, but thought "no" - but it was me! Hurrah! She was thinking of me when I was wandering around the Netherlands and stitched this beautiful bath towel and hand towel. So georgous and how very special to know that you were thinking so kindly of me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. [the photo on the bottom is the back side - not a wayward thread to be seen. I wish I could do that kind of work.]

Now what? I must ponder this one for a bit. . . . . . . .
Big, big hugs and thanks.


Janaina said...
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Janaina said...

Ohhhh jeez, Marne! =)
I'm overjoyed you liked the surprise! In fact I was planning to make it to get you before the trip so you could take it with you, but I couldn't manage it. Sorry for that, girl...=/
Did my best on the towels set and it got me inspired to make a very similar set for my mom´s bday git. So excited I got it ready earlier this time! =)
No doubts I'm going to be thrilled with any little treasure that comes from your hands!
Hopes you like the blue and pink combo! =P

Joke said...

It's a lovely exchange, you sure did a nice job, Janaina!

Bianca said...

Very pretty Janaina, I saw on your blog you made your mom a pretty gift as well, super job!!!!

Janaina said...

Thank you, girls! You are so nice! =)

Hit 40 said...

Wow absolutely beautiful!!!

job said...