Sep 18, 2008

Return Exchange from Janaina ;-)

I just received this most wonderful exchange package from Janaina today! She stitched me this amazing Christmas ornament, and I am so excited that it will be on my tree this year! I am a fiend for hand made Christmas ornaments! This one is gorgeous and so perfectly made. And she also sent wonderful goodies - bobbins and fabric, and a magazine! I cannot wait to sit down tonight and read it ;-) She also sent some candies that are, as she instructed, in the refrigerator at the moment... DH is looking forward to testing one of those out later tonight.

Thank you so much Janaina - you spoiled me rotten, rotten, rotten! {{{HUGS}}}

Love ya,


Nana's Quilts said...

How fabulous. Aren't you lucky. Nice, nice exchange, Janaina.


Joke said...

OOO, do I feel a little bit jealous?? No, no, no, bad feeling, it is never too late to be good ;)
Kidding :)) It's a beautiful gift, great work, Janaina, and good for you, Carol!

Janaina said...

Yaaaay! Cant wait to see it decorating your house for the holidays! =)
Big hug from sunny Brasil!
ps: stay awared, Joke! Santa knows who is being good the whole year! Hehehehe =P

Joke said...

Oh my, how do I make up for Santa? I only have three more months to be good LOL