Aug 19, 2008

Gift from Carol

Dear Carol has been really busy lately, I received one of her great gifts in the mail today. She stitched me a Halloween Floss Tag which I just adore. It's from a Lavender Wings design called Spooky Time. Several goodies were included and the tea will go with me to work.
Here's a picture of the goodies and the floss tag.

Thanks so much Carol, I loved the surprise and it couldn't have come on a better day. I will be working on your return gift asap.


Janaina said...

Wow! Pretty surprise on the mail today! =)

Carol said...

You are so welcome! Wow, I sent two out... and yours arrived so quickly!!! Enjoy!

Iris said...

I love the suprise you got in the mail !!!
it's just my cup of tea ;-)

pascale said...

where do they get the colored
the floss tag is so neat.

pascale said...
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Joke said...

Love the thread Carol used :-)