May 8, 2008

Exchange from Wendy Jo Brees

today i recieved a lovely exchange from Wendy.She maked me a lovely pinkeep,and she send me also a nice quilting magazine.

Thank you Wendy.Now i will think about what to make for you.


Nana's Quilts said...

That is so nice. And I especially like acorns, myself (hint, hint) if anyone wants to know. :-)

Wendy has been a busy girl.


Janaina said...

Oh my Godness! What a darling pack! =)

jacq said...

whow Wendy Jo, the pinkeeps you made are great! and so are the gifts!

hugs Jacqueline

WendyJo said...

Enjoy the package...I had fun stitching something up for you.

The quilting magazine I sent Katrien is Fons and Porter and they are located here in Iowa. The ladies own a quilt shop, have a quilt show, quilting gadgets and a magazine. So I thought I would send Katrien something from Iowa and since she is a quilter..something quilting.