Dec 26, 2010

Christmas Exchanging

Aren't these so cute.  Margaret in New Zealand was my partner for the exchange.  These are red crochet, which has been stiffened so that they stand up.  So cute.  She sent along a bag of Christmas candies (which are difficult to see in the right hand corner of this picture)  And then she also sent me

[As you can see, I'm having great difficulty with photos and Google tonight.]  So you will have to turn the screen a bit sideways to see N O E L on my little tree.  But my photographic skills are not a reflection of Margaret's wonderful work.  Thanks, Margaret, I love them.


Joke said...

This is really nice! Those little shoes are adorable :) Great exchange!!

DL3 said...

lilis kuntoro said...

great shoes :D

rachel neil said...

I like the little red booties, so cute!

essle said...

These are awesome..incredible!
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Aaron said...

It is perfect for present too. I like it very much.So, cute.


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Anonymous said...

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myrtle said...

Great! i so love the little red shoes.=D
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Anonymous said...

WoW! that was really adorable.. love it.=D
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Jack Blackburn said...

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Satnam said...

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Tessa M said...

The shoes are totally sweet.
Hopefully you had a Merry Christmas!!

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